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Let’s face it online shopping has taken over and in a big way! People just prefer to buy things online it’s more convenient and there are just more to choose from – I can’t begin to express how frustrated I have been when I find something online that was simply not available at the store.

I do my shopping online more than I would actually go to the store unless its groceries and the pharmacy, other than that clothing and gadgets even makeup get bought online. From the title you guys are probably wonder yes Candice but what does Picodi have to do with online shopping? Well Picodi is a website that you guys in South Africa are just going to love me for bringing them to your attention or maybe you have already heard of them?

Picodi is a website that has online shopping discount codes and vouchers, from brands like Zando, Spree, Superbalist and even Pick ‘n Pay – there are so many discount codes! I went crazy when Picodi contacted me and brought their website to my attention to be honest I have never heard of them before. I shop at these stores regularly so I was super happy that there’s discount codes I can use because who really doesn’t love discounts especially when you really want that mascara but can’t really afford it!

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How do you use Picodi? Well, it’s easy you search the store on the Picodi website and it will give you a list of available discounts and offers that are currently running you can either sign up or reveal a code which you can use on the website you want to shop at and just add it before checking out! As simple as that! What a great way to save money too..


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