Best Protein Shakes for Women Weight Loss

Best Protein Shakes for Women Weight Loss _01

Today, it is an uneasy task to encounter a person unfamiliar with sports nutrition. Even those who prefer watching instead of going in for sports know the notion of protein drinks and various diet additives. All these merchandises are designed for weight management purposes namely to either shed extra pounds or magnify muscle mass. Some products perform several functions depending on the way of their application.

Nevertheless, not all brands can boast of high performance. For instance, if you read the Herbalife Formula 1 review, you will find out that the shake is rather underwhelming in terms of efficiency and quality of components. And one can find a plenty of such examples. So, we have prepared a list of decent products for female users’ to facilitate losing weight.


The merchandise produced by this brand is called Delight. It has a special formula to promote fat loss in women users. The shake is free of gluten and has all demandable properties to become a perfect solution for any category of female users. Its advantages include less than 100 kcal per portion, 16g of protein and 1g of sugar. These values are decent to get significant results.


Select Protein by PEScience can bring not only a performance pleasure but also a gustatory one. It means that female users will not only decrease weight but also experience a great flavor of the naturally caffeinated drink. By the way, you can take it iced, blended or even hot. Nutritional values are also very attractive – 20g of protein, 2g of sugar, and 100 kcal. It is a truly perfect combination of taste and efficiency.


The favorite American fitness model recommends a special formula for females to manage weight. Her signature series offers only natural products without any sweeteners, synthetic components and other preservatives that can damage health. The shake is available in two most sought flavors – Chocolate and Vanilla. Lean Body For Her is more caloric than previously mentioned brands but it is not less effective. Users obtain 25g of protein, 3g of sugar and 160 kcal in each portion.

Quest Nutrition

Users who esteem a taste diversity should pay attention to the powder by Quest Nutrition. Six flavors are available for real gourmets. Besides, each flavor provides various nutritional values. However, they do not differ a lot. For example, Cinnamon Crunch offers 100 kcal with 20g of protein and 1g of sugar. The manufacturer also shows various solutions to use the powder namely the shake, layer cake, ice cream, and even pizza.

NLA for Her

Our final merchandise is the ultimate shake. Her Whey is designed for real sports addicts who need a plenty of material to recover their musculature. Therefore, in addition to 28g of the core ingredient, the shake contains added amino acids. Every component is of the top-notch quality. Besides, the product is a good appetite suppressant. Although 190 kcal in a serving seems a bit overstating, keep in mind that the supplement is designed for those who spare no effort in a gym.