Having A Puppy Changed My Life

A few months ago Justin (mostly me nagging) decided to get a puppy. I have never had a puppy of my own before and I’ve always wanted one. We wanted a little pug but then decided to get a Pomeranian. I don’t know the first thing about taking care of an animal, but thought it would be good practice for when we decide to have kids. Today’s post is all about How Having A Puppy Changed My Life.

Taking care of a puppy is no easy task. Lilly is four and a half months old and she just had her last injections at the vet. Having Lilly has changed both Justin and I. Yes, we had to clean poop, take her to vet and make sure she’s fed and happy.

I had no idea that taking caring of a puppy is so much work. It’s not easy at all… A puppy demands a lot of your attention, unlike a cat who can bathe and take care of themselves mostly. Lilly needs lots of puppy walks and cuddles and doesn’t try eating infant of her she eats everything and the teething is the worst. Be prepared to lose a few shoes and have bite marks on all your furniture.

There has never been a dull moment in our household, no matter how shitty my day has been coming home to Lilly is the best part.  I’ve never seen a puppy that gets so excited when her owner gets home. Lilly has taught me to not be selfish, to have unconditional love. She has brought an immense amount of joy to our lives and has really changed my outlook on certain things.

Lilly has changed my outlook of life especially when it came to stress at work and other little things. Having a puppy just lets your worries disappear there’s more to life than obsessing over what’s going wrong in your life.

Having a pet changes you, something I would’ve never imagined.

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