Dove Hair Oil

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I’ve always loved the Dove hair care products ever since they launched… At the begging I was a bit skeptic to think that a soap brand could actually come up with a good hair care products too… Today I am reviewing Dove Hair Oil.

I purchased there shampoo, conditioner and hair masques and have been obsessed, no matter how many other brands I test out I always seem to go back to Dove, they just work perfectly for my hair leaving my hair super smooth and sleek, not to mention fresh and clean and with no tangles What’s so ever – just so much moisture..
Recently I won some dove  products and the only thing I haven’t tried and was really excited about was their hair oil… I’m a huge fan of hair oils – my hair tends to be extremely dry especially the ends so I always use serums to make them less noticeable..
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The Dove hair oil is everything I thought it would be. I squeeze two pumps into the palm of my hands and rub it between my hands then apply this to my wet hair after applying heat protector spray! When blow drying I can already see u huge difference my hair is usually super dry and well now it’s not at all my hair actually looks healthier! And because this works so well I don’t need to apply any more product when I straighten my hair or done with everything as my hair looks very healthier and bouncy… I have to say I am quite impressed I haven’t found a hair oil that works this well before… And it doesn’t leave my hair greasy at all which  was honestly my first thought when I started using it.


I have been using the Dove hair oil for a month now and I can definitely recommend this to anyone suffering from dry hair and at R32.99 you really can’t go wrong.

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