{Review} ​​Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil

{Review} ​​Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil_01

Cleansing Face Oil?? Finding out that a cleansing oil actually does exist left puzzled I’ve tried cream cleansers and water cleansers before but never before have I heard of a cleansing oil before

The lovely people over at Beauty Bulletin sent me the Lipidol cleansing face oil to review! Lipidol is a brand I don’t really know much about besides the sunscreen oil that I have used a few times and been enjoying I love the fact that their products seems to be oil based with works fantastic for dehydrated skin like mine. Lately my skin has been in a whirl wind of issues the heat has  messed up my skin no traces of having dry skin during this insane heat waves South  Africa has been facing.

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Did you know that Lipidol range consist of skin care oils made from the brand bio oil?

So how does the Lipidol Cleansing Face oil work? Lipidol advises you to apply this cleansing face oil to a completely dry face – massaging the oil with your hands with a bit of water. The oil binds with dirt and make up that’s left on your face that is also oil based. The oil and water emulsifies and turns into a watery cream formula. Just rinse and then you should be ready to go!
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I find that most cleansers I have used in the past always left my face feeling tight and dried out – because this cleanser from Lipidol is oil based it doesn’t strip my face from any healthy oils my skin generates and it leaves my face feeling refreshed without that dried out prune feeling.

For only R79.95 at any Clicks stores this is a product I would definitely recommend it has done wonders with my dry skin, every oil my skin generates is valuable in keeping my face feeling hydrated and the Lipidol Cleansing face oil does a fantastic job in looking in the moisture where I need it.


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