{Review} Avon Eye Brow Stencils

{Review} Avon Eye Brow Stencils_01

It’s all about on fleek eyebrows these days…  Beauty trends are ever changing I remember the days when having over tweezed, thin eyebrows was the in thing.  Now thick well groomed brows are currently hyped up in the beauty industry.

I’ve always had my brows thick because they jutrends naturally that way, grooming them can be really tricky – trying to shape them correctly to make sure they align with your face and each other.  My brows had always scared the shit out of me, the one never seems to look like the other! I’m always left defeated once I do my brows and I don’t really trust other people doing them I had an experience where they completely overdrawn my poor eyebrows.  I prefer keeping them as natural as possible, filled in and a bit of a shape – nothing too hectic.

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I was extremely surprised and happy when I saw that the latest Avon press drop also included some eyebrow stencils, I knew that these existed and always wanted to get my hands on them because goodness this will make doing my brows so much easier instead of playing the guessing game and losing some eyebrow hairs along the way.

The eyebrow stencil pack came with 4 plastic stencils with different shapes that you can choose from to suit everyone’s face shapes – we all are different so there’s no way everyone can be walking around with the exact same eyebrow shape. It’s really simple to use just place the brow shape of your choosing on eyebrow and start filling it in with brow pencil or even the brow filler powder. Bam you have well groomed brows as simple as that.

For only R39. 90 these are such a bargain! I am really enjoying using them and has made brows stress free to what they use to be! I use combination of eyebrow pencil to fill and a powder also I have just purchased a eyebrow gel from Essence which I will start using to set my brows and have you guys know if that really works.


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