Avon Eye Shadow Primer In Beige

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I have always wanted to get myself an eye primer. I find that my eyeshadows are always melting off my face by lunch time. Which is really not cool when you working a normal 8-5 job. I need something that can make my eyeshadow stay on all day and at a budget cost. I tested the Avon Eye Shadow Primer In Beige that has been all the hype among South African Beauty Bloggers.

I was looking through the Avon booklet when I saw that they started selling eye primer and I just had to purchase one, As always when buying from Avon a waited a few weeks to get my item, it’s reasonably priced at R69.99 a small jar, okay tiny jar. But considering that you only need a tiny bit it lasts for quite some time. I have been using my eye primer from Avon for about 5 months now and I am not even half-way through my jar!

{Review} Avon Eye Shadow Primer_02

I found that it’s super creamy and makes my veins less noticeable , it creates a great base for my eyeshadows and I have to say this works like a bomb, my eyeshadow and eyeliner literally lasted a full day of work even at times when I stay with makeup till late night it’s still going strong.

Now I can’t go a day without my eye primer, my eyeshadows pop, especially bright colours.. Would I recommend you using this Avon eye primer? Oh hell yes, it’s a must have in any makeup collection and it lasts FORVER!!!


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