​{Review} The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Makeup Remover

I purchased this The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Makeup Remover a few weeks or even a month or two ago when I saw the The Body Shop had these nifty travel size products for only R35 I mentioned on the blog all the products I picked up and this makeup remover was one of them.

I have seen a few reviews on this product all which were taking reviews about how great this product is. I for one seem to always be skeptic about a product until I can test it myself because we all know that some products work differently to other because we all are different and have different skin types.


I have been using my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Toner Water and Nivea makeup remover which I am please with the results these two have been favourites! The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Makeup Remover – Firstly what a name!!! Such a mouthful to say. The smell is really pleasing not over powering at all. I found that it actually does remove my makeup easily without making my skin feel dried out or sticky, I use it a lot for removing eyeliner and stubborn mascara which is the hardest makeup products to remove, it works amazingly!! Without me having to continuously rubbing my eyes which can be really harmful I also do suffer with sensitive eyes so I try not to put much pressure on my eyes when removing my makeup.


I am really impressed with this makeup remover from The Body Shop and I think I would most definitely be repurchasing a big get bottle. If you are uncertain about a product working for you a do suggest getting these travel sizes because I have found some hits and misses with some of their products.


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