{Review} The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

Being someone who suffer’s from eczema I can’t use just any skin care products let alone anything that has scents they tend to irritate my skin so much. I badly wanted to try The Body Shop body butters , but was skeptic on how these will react to my skin.

I do love a good The Body Shop body butter though, every now and then I get sneaker and use them as long as I don’t replace my current skin cream then all is good , my skin has not been reacting to be using these. I have been obsessed with The Body Shop body butters, my boyfriend got me two of them on a sale which they had and I have almost completed gone through the Blueberry body butter and now I am starting to use the Raspberry one.

These body butters smell amazing and they nourish the skin, I tend to have really dry elbows so these work really great it keeping hem hydrated. I also really like the fact that the scent stays on for hours , most products the scent dissipates within minutes this just makes me smell good all day.

I am actually really looking forward to picking up more of these especially when they on special, these also makes for great gifts too.The consistency is think like a butter and they soak into the skin really fast I picked them up for R100 each on a sale but they usually do retail for R170 the one tube has been lasting me for months but then again I have only been using it twice a week or so. I would definitely recommend The Body Shop body butters they smell amazing and leaves your skin well nourished through the day,


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