{Review} Vitamin E Hydrating Cleansing Toner

{Review} Vitamin E Hydrating Cleansing Toner_01

Recently Justin and I visited The Body Shop looking for mothers day gifts.  They had a 20% off sale and yes we got some really good things! It was never my intention of purchasing anything for myself of course it never is but in my defense it was the Body Shop there’s no way in visiting that store without walking away with something.  My skin has been really try lately with winter and all the lady at the store advised me to try there Vitamin E products so I picked up the small sample size The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Cleansing Toner to see how it will react to my skin.

I tend to always purchase the smaller size products at The Body Shop because my skin is so fussy the last thing I would want to do is buy something that wouldn’t work and end up just wasting my money and as you guys know The Body Shop is definitely not cheap.  They usually have these baskets of smaller products this Vitamin E Hydrating Cleansing Toner only cost me R35! It’s a great way to see what works for you I have tried others as well like the tea tree oil toner which I found left my skin feeling dry so that was a miss…  Luckily I only got the small size so it didn’t feel like a waste.  The Body Shop actually launched an entire range of Vitamin E products that I just have to have! If you are a sufferer of dry skin like I am then I definitely suggest you try out products in this range it contains an oil but at the same time it’s not oily Hehe you know what I mean it’s actually really hydrating without the over oily feeling.

{Review} Vitamin E Hydrating Cleansing Toner_02

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Cleansing Toner removes traces of makeup that might not have all been removed when washing your face or after using a makeup remover, it leave the skin feeling soft, supple and refreshed.  The toner only consists of Vitamin E and wheat germ oil which explains why it feels so nourishing to the skin.

My skin feels amazing and so refreshed I have been using this toner religiously for 2 weeks now and I can already tell the difference my skin doesn’t feel so try, usually other toners I’ve used always smells like alcohol and feels like it just strips my skin and leaves it dry and sore.  I can happily say I don’t have that at all my skin has never felt this good.  I would recommend trying the smaller sizes to make sure you are fully happy with the product I am definitely going to be purchasing a larger bottle when I run out.


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