{Review} Catrice Liquid Eye Liner

{Review} Catrice Liquid Eye Liner_01

Trying to create a winged liner has been my goal for months, to this day it’s something I still can’t accomplish – besides the baby winged liner which I am nailing at the moment so I’m rather sticking to that for now.

Finding a good liquid eye liner though is hard there’s no way you can create that perfect winged liner without the right liquid liner and from what I’ve experienced with a few liquid eye liners I’ve tried, they just don’t do it for me.  There is hope though, I picked up the Catrice Liquid Eye Liner in the hopes it could compare to my Revlon Liquid Eye liner but at a cheaper price, who am I kidding I am always looking for cheap options that will help me save money.

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I didn’t have high hopes for the Catrice Liquid Eye Liner after plenty of fails using two other Essence Cosmetics Eye Liners that flaked and didn’t last as long as I wanted it to and after a month or so for use the nib just gave up on life or just leaked everywhere. I have literally been using the Catrice Liquid Eye Liner for months now and it’s honestly been the longest a liquid liner has ever lasted and I’m talking a good 5 months of use and there’s still enough product to last another month or two! The fact that it’s a dip liner makes all the difference you can easily control how much product to use I normally brush off excess product I find that it doesn’t bleed when I’m trying to attempt a winged look.  The brush which is a felt tip liner has not yet gone crazy on me and has been giving me a precise liner every time, it has quite a fine tip so you can go as close to water line as possible.

I am really glad I purchased it I would definitely repurchase this Catrice Liquid Eye Liner, it does an amazing job and it’s much cheaper then my other love the Kardashian Beauty Liquid Eye Liner.  The Catrice option is something I go for everyday although I have yet to succeed in creating that fierce winged look – ah someday I will!  Catrice has most certainly impressed me with this liner I would say it’s a much better option that Essence so if you on the market for a good quality liquid eye liner that doesn’t flake during the day or leaks everywhere then you should definitely try the Catrice liner for only R74. 95 at Redsquare and Dischem it’s really worth it.


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