{Review} Catrice Prime And Fine Beautifying Primer


{Review} Catrice Prime And Fine Beautifying Primer_01

I’ve used two other primers from Catrice before and both didn’t quite do the job for me.  So when I saw Catrice launched a new primer the Catrice Prime And Fine Beautifying Primer I wasn’t too keen on actually purchasing it until I saw a blogger rave about how amazing it feels when she swatched it in store.

So of course being the curious person that I am I went to Dischem and purchased it to see if this one was something I was actually going to like. I swatched it in store and I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it feels it reminded me a lot to the Benefit Porefessional but of course not as amazing as it but the texture after rubbing in into my skin it gave me the same smooth feeling.

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Catrice says that the beautifying primer is a soft rose primer with light reflecting pearl pigments and contains Vitamin E that instantly gives your skin a luminous glow. I have to say when I saw that this primer actually contains Vitamin E I just have to have it! My skin has really being acting up lately it’s been dry,patchy and bumps all over I’ve been using a day cream that contains Vitamin E too which I know is good for dry skin.  My other Catrice Primer hasn’t done well with my skin acting up but this one sure does feel amazing my skin doesn’t feel dry after application at all and the light reflecting pigments is definitely noticeable it leaves a gorgeous glow even after I apply my foundation on top.  I am honestly in love with the look it leaves my skin it does look much healthy and hydrated even by the end of the day.  I find it works even best with using my Beauty Fix Radiant Makeup Finish Mist, my makeup stays put all day and my foundation doesn’t crack like it normally would and best of all no dry patches yes no patches! Usually by lunch time I would start to notice my skin a getting dry around cheek area but so far it has not happened.

I have to say this Primer is definitely better suited for my skin for R89 I think it was a great buy good thing I didn’t go for my usual Maybelline I am thrilled with how this looks I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a budget primer and who suffers from nasty dry skin like I do. Do far I’m rather impressed with Catrice with creating this primer.