​{Review} Catrice Smokey Eye​s​ Pencil

​{Review} Catrice Smokey Eye​s​ Pencil_01

Have you ever looked through your makeup collection and find something you have never used and tell yourself oh I totally forgot about that? Well that happened to me whilst I was looking for something to create a quick smokey eye while running late for work.

​The Catrice Smokey Eyes pencil has been a favourite of mine lately for when I want a quick smokey look in seconds and this does just that.

Catrice is one of my favourite budget friendly brands and sadly I know so many of you ladies don’t have access to their products which honestly sucks! The pencil has two sides one for the pencil nib and the other has bristles that are super soft, this you use to smudge out the pencil on your eyelid. I actually use an eye primer before I put on any product I find that this really helps keep my smokey eye looking like a smokey eye and not look like someone had just punched me in the face or those nasty racoon eyes I know you ladies get those too.

​{Review} Catrice Smokey Eye​s​ Pencil_02

After prepping my eyelids I draw on using the pencil nib as if I were just simply adding eyeliner I then use the brush tip part and smudge it out a bit it actually does a great job. I then line my eyelids again and viola that’s pretty much it easy peesy…The pencil itself actually shoes you what to do in case you get stuck which I am sure will never happen because literally a five year old can do it. It does give am illusion that I actually spent more time on my makeup when I literally created an eye look in a minute.​{Review} Catrice Smokey Eye​s​ Pencil_03

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Have you used the Catrice Smokey Eyes pencil before?

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