​{Review} Clarins Spendours Summer Bronzing Compact

​{Review} Clarins Spendours Summer Bronzing Compact_01

Clarins is a brand I’ve always heard great reviews on. Their makeup are high quality and the packaging at luxurious, if I could I would definitely want to try more of the brand but let’s face it we all can’t afford to pay that kind of money on makeup especially with today’s raising costs of practically everything! I’ve actually had the Clarins Spendours Summer Bronzing Compact in my makeup collection for years I kid you not! I haven’t used it at all until I came across it while cleaning out my makeup.

​To be honest I never even opened it before! I know right how dumb? This is a true hidden gem and probably one of the most expensive makeup products I own.  Ive never really been into bronzers most of them I found hardly showed up on my skin for some reason, they were probably just the wrong shade.
​The packaging is so beautiful I was so scared to even use it, but quickly overcame that when I swatched it.  The embossing is gorgeous with bronzing and highlighting tones together they make the perfect bronzing glow, which is something I am still trying to accomplish. The pan is very big, I can definitely see myself being able to use it for a really long time. A quick swirl with your makeup brush is all that’s needed the pigmentation is so beautiful and the powder doesn’t look powdery at all which I found other bronzers I’ve use to be chalky and not blend well. This Clarins Spendours Summer Bronzer  blends like a dream and is great for when you need to add some colour to your face.
​{Review} Clarins Spendours Summer Bronzing Compact_04 ​{Review} Clarins Spendours Summer Bronzing Compact_05

These are quite expensive, they retail for R520 but for such great quality it definitely is an investment that you can get really good use out of.  I love the tint of highlight it leaves my face too after foundation my face is always left with a dull and lifeless look so I have been enjoying this bronzer to add some life into my face and those cheek bones.  The company does come with a huge mirror which makes it a perfect addition to your makeup bag too it’s saved me more then once when needing to do a quick touch up.  I must admit I have really been impressed with this bronzer and it has changed my outlook on bronzing powders I am obsessed with this one and would love to try more makeup products that Clarins has to offer.

Have you guys tried this bronzer before ? If you are after that perfect illuminating finish then this will be great to add to your collection.


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