{Review} Essence Merry Berry Lipsticks

Essence Merry Berry Lipsticks_01

You guys have been seeing me talk a whole lot about the Essence Merry Berry Collection on my blog and honestly guys it is such an awesome collection most probably one of the best collection Essence has produced.

I talked about my thoughts about their highlighter in the collection which you can read here. Today is all about the lipsticks Berry shades to compliment every skin tone. I only have two of their lipsticks in the Merry Berry collection, in total their are three I am only missing the red shade.I find that these lipsticks are extremely creamy, they do not make your lips feel dry at all. The packaging is just to die for I love that the colour tube depicts the colour lipstick shade and the hint of elegant gold.The formula is really pigmented and I do find it bleeds a bit when I apply the lipsticks because it’s just that easy to glide on so you have to be steady with application.
Essence Merry Berry Lipsticks_02
Essence Merry Berry Lipsticks_03
To be honest the staying power wasn’t that great for me I have just been so use to wearing longlasting liquid lipsticks that nothing will quite live up to that – I am such a lazy person when it comes to checking my makeup and reapplying throughout the day I want to apply it once in the morning and not have to worry about it. I must say this collection is right down my alley I am a sucker for Berry shades and this will probably be best to wear in Winter.