{Review} Essence Cosmetics Contouring Eyeshadow


Essence Cosmetics gets featured so many times on Beauty Candy Loves and many of you ladies are probably wondering but why? Well,  that’s because there’s just so many products to talk about regarding the brand, Essence is just so affordable to buy that I don’t mind buying new products to try and sharing with you guys whether they are worth buying or not. 

If you are a regular to my blog then you guys would have remembered me talking about the Summer collection Essence Cosmetics released and one of those new products were their contouring eyeshadows.  Before these were even released in South Africa I saw these contouring eyeshadow duo’s all over especially on Instagram with European bloggers. Was really glad that Essence included this in the press drop.


Essence single eyeshadows are personally my favourite, I particularly enjoy from their metals and velvet single eyeshadows which aren’t as chalky as the others. How does these contouring eyeshadows fair to other Essence eyeshadows? Well firstly I find that the two shades they match together in the duo are great the shade Mauve Meets Marshmallows will be best on lighter skin ladies as I find these not to show up that much,  they do show up on my skin but they are very nude like giving me a very neutral no makeup look which is great for during the week when I tend to not wear much makeup.

The eyeshadow’s does tend to leave a bit of fall out if you use a lot of product but if you not using too much you won’t experience any. I find that these are a bit powdery but not overwhelming at all for my personal taste. With an eyeshadow primer these last a good few hours by the time I get home the eyeshadow still shows up. Are these worth picking up? For everyday use I think these are great, but if you are looking for something very pigmented and buttery smooth these might not what you are looking for.