{Review} Essence The Cushion Eyeliner

I recently came across that Essence Cosmetics launched their very own gel liner called the Essence The Cushion Eyeliner. You guys have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for Essence to actually bring out their own pot gel liner. I know they released a pot eyebrow product which I haven’t tried yet.

“cushion: the mega trend from Asia! the integrated sponge is soaked with a highly pigmented eyeliner texture and dispenses just the right amount for perfect eyeliner styles – no matter whether you’re going for accurate lines or cool cat eyes.”

The eyeliner comes in a jar pot with a black screw on plastic lid, it contains 3ml worth of product. The liquid is absorbed within the “cushion” which is basically a sponge. If you are familiar with any of the Essence sponge makeup remover, then the sponge is similar to that.

The liquid has a runny texture, I would suggest to keep it upright in case of leakage – I have not personally experienced any leakage at all though. At first, I was really confused with how the Essence The Cushion Eyeliner worked, the sponge completely threw me off, but its actually really easy to use. Just be really careful when dipping in your brush, the liner liquid absorbs really quickly into the bristles of your brush- just a dab is more than enough. The formula dries extremely fast so there’s no room for error – so if you are someone like me who has no flipping idea how to create a winged liner, you won’t have time to do this accurately because the liner dries within seconds. I found that with is drying too quickly it didn’t crack at all unless you trying to apply more than one layer it just won’t work.

To be honest I had really high hopes for this eyeliner, but was really bummed out that there were so many negatives outweighing the positives – I really love the concept of an easy to use, sponge eyeliner but the fact that it was more liquid than gel irritated me, it was really messy on my brush  – the fact that the liquid absorbs so quickly left me with the mess of cleaning it all out of my brush. Yes, it wipes off easily so you won’t be losing any eyelashes and a mistake can easily be rectified. You can’t do more than one layer and it does crumb off after a few hours.

I am hardly ever disappointed with The Essence the cushion eyeliner, but this was an absolute miss for me – I hope they do perfect the formula it has the potential of a great pot eyeliner.


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