Essence I ♥ Nude Lipstick And Lipgloss Collection

{Review} Essence I ♥ Nudes Lipstick_01I have mentioned it previous post about the Essence I ♥ Nude Eyeshadow Collection (which you can see here) that Essence launched a few other products too. This post will be all out the lips. Today’s review will be about Essence I ♥ Nude Lipstick And Lipgloss Collection.

Essence launched the Long lasting nudes lipstick and the Essence XXXL lipglosses. Now lets get right into talking about these lip products .

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Essence Long lasting I ♥ Nudes Lipstick (R44.50)

These are available in 5 variants of different nude shades. Essence claims it has a light and creamy texture, also offers long lasting results.

Shades found in this collection:

Light Nude


Light Rose


Come Naturally

{Review} Essence I ♥ Nudes Lipstick_04 {Review} Essence I ♥ Nudes Lipstick_03

And here’s what I though… Firstly if you expected this to be a long lasting lipstick then I am afraid these are not the lipsticks for you. I was disappointing to find that they didn’t last long and they transferred on to everything I ate.I guess you have to take in to consideration the price of these for the price you are paying it’s a good enough lipstick. The texture is so smooth and glides on easily, I also found that they are quite moisturizing on the lips  – But make sure not to apply these on cracked and dried out lips it will only draw attention to them and make them more noticeable. My favoruite is come naturally it’s such a gorgeous brownish nude and will be perfect for Winter season.

Essence XXXL Nude Lipgloss

Essence XXXL Nude Lipgloss (R38.95)

These consist of four soft shades.. Essence says” The subtle colour pigmentation creates a fresh look”

Shades in this collection:

Just Nude

Shy Beauty

Taste The Sweets

Soft Almond

I really like this lipgloss the shades are so pretty and they are such great nude shades. The application is smooth and the lipgloss application is not sticky at all, like I found some other lipglosses to be. The texture is also thick and lasts quite some time on your lips. These are great by themselves our over a matching lipstick to create a glossy lip.



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