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I’ve been wanting to get to writing this post for quite some time – it’s honestly taken me a while to test these products so that I can share with you lovelies my honest opinions about them.

Euphrates was so kind enough to have sent me their face range as well as my very own facial cleansing brush! Which to be honest I’ve been wanting to own forever well not quite forever but you know what I mean.

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So you might be think who is Euphrates? “Well Euphrates is a cosmetics brand that is designed to naturally beautify women, while giving them a pen to write their financial success stories via our national independent sales consultants’ partnership. We pride ourselves about being a woman founded Cosmetics Company in South Africa to fight uneven toned skin, acne, blemishes and excessive oily skin on behalf of every woman who struggles to have that naturally healthy and radiant skin. Not only do we care about every woman having a beautiful skin, but we also care about every woman living in a beautiful environment. That is why we empower, mentor and uplift women through leadership and mentorship programs that interlinks brands and communities while addressing women-related social issues, such as fetal alcohol syndrome, entrepreneurship and active healthy living.”


Euphrates Day Cream R200

I’ve used quite a bit of day creams, mainly Ponds and find they they having been lacking in keeping my face hydrated through the day. I have been using the Euphrates Day Cream and I have noticed a different I find that pigmentation is muted, in a sense that my skin actually has less darker areas.


Euphrates Anti-blemish Night Cream R230

This has got to be one of the projects I have taken for granted the most. I never stick to a  skin care regime and get to bored with it after a weeks- which makes me step steps and just not use any night cream a lot of the time. It’s been an entire month now of to skipping and oh man, my skin feels softer and less dry my skin definitely has become a lot softer and blemishes are less too.


Euphrates Topic Rain Face Scrub R180


I am not really a face scrub kind of girl – probably cause I’m so lazy and try to short cut everything but wow the difference a face scrub makes is astonishing… My face has never looked as good.. The scrub is rather gentle which is great because of my sensitive and eczema skin. I have not ever had any sort of break hard using the Euphrates range. Usually my skin is super fussy which is why I don’t really like to use different skin care products.. So far so good! The scrub removes all dry cells that love to cling to my face. It’s feels fresh and gentle.

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Facial Cleansing Brush R480


I’ve never used a cleansing brush before so I was quite amped and nervous as the same time. I was freaked out that I might scrub off   my face somehow and have skin hanging!! Sorry guys a bit too graphic! I have to say this cleansing brush tool is rather easy to use. It comes with different head attachments depending on what you want to accomplish whether its to exfoliate or to buff everything in. There are even attachment for my ladies why suffers from acne of the body.. Nothing to be pressed about,this might be something worth trying. I love the speed settings so you can determine what’s best suited for you.  I definitely think this would be a great investment I use the cleansing brush on my boyfriend because he suffers from redness and acne and the results are great! I wish he would allow me to it more often, but guys… My skin has never been smoother and silkier even my boyfriend asked me why’s my skin so soft .


If you would like any further information about the brand and their products you can check out there website  www.euphrates.co.za

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