{Review} Euphrates Smoochy Liquid Lipstick

Euphrates is a brand that isn’t too well known in international beauty community, if you a South African beauty blogger then you have probably have come across this brand before.

I have tried Euphrates skin care products in the past as well as their electric facial brush which I am still making use. I enjoyed their products thoroughly so I was really excited to learn that they launched their very own line of liquid lipsticks called Euphrates Smoochy Liquid Lipstick.

Liquid lipsticks is the new beauty must have item  – I personally prefer liquid lipsticks rather then normal lipsticks as they last so much longer, I just hate reapplying lipstick. The down fall of liquid lipsticks is the fact that they can be relatively drying to the lips depending on which brand you use – different brands will offer different a different formula.

Euphrates called their brand of liquid lipsticks Smoochy – they launched a total of 4 shades Bae Jane, Chic Mfusa , Eumelon and Ngqombela. The shades are stunning and I would say these are shades for every occasion. I received two of them to try out.

The shade Bae Jane I found formula to be a bit better then Eumelon – for some reason it just dried down better not sure because of the colour. These are as I thought really drying on the lips so make sure you exfoliate them before applying any products. I am just loving the colour selection these are my most used lip colours in general. These wears really long it lasted me since 6:45am in the morning when I applied them and lasted till I actually took them off in evening about 12 hours later. They have not crumbled nor come off in patches , the wand glides on nicely and gives me control on the product I am applying.

I found these  Euphrates Smoochy liquid lipstick to be pretty decent , I would still prefer my Colourpop but these definitely lasted better throughout the day. You can purchase these as a set for R900 or R250 each – the price is a bit out of my range.


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