{Review} Garnier Cleansing Wipes


There’s no denying how delayed I am with beauty products –  I tend to purchase products as I need them which means that most beauty products have been on the market for months if not years before I decide to purchase it. That’s what happened with Garnier cleansing wipes , I only just picked this up because I ran out of cheaper brands I have been using but wanted to try something different.

Garnier cleansing products are the bomb – I have two of their micellar cleansing waters which I use religiously everyday which is why I hardly buy cleansing face wipes because the micellar waters does the job for me. I decided to finally pick up their cleansing wipes for normal to dry skin. Garner claims that these removes waterproof makeup and it also consists of cleansing milk and enriched rose extract.


I can definitely tell that these have rose extracts the smell is amazing , but not overwhelming a all, the cleansing milk is very delicate to the skin – it feels nourished and doesn’t feel drying at all. Other makeup removing wipes stripped the moisture from my face it always left my skin feeling uncomfortable and extremely dry.

I picked these up for R32 from Dischem , they are a bit pricier then some other brands – these definitely are worth getting, the price is totally worth it these remove makeup well and they are quilted wipes which feels gentle on the skin I am so glad I purchased these , they will definitely be a regular purchase for me.


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