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​Hello lovelies, I hope you all are doing well. Winter is definitely in the air here in Cape Town nights are getting colder and the sun is setting so early. Today’s post is all about the Glampalm Hairstyler.


I am so excited for today’s post that it was hard to contain myself, I have taken a break recently and now I am back in full force, not as well rested as I thought I would be. The lovely people at Glampalm sent me one of their hair stylers to test out and share my findings with my readers. I have heard so much of Glampalm,even before they approached me. For those of you that never heard of the brand before you would be surprised to know that Glampalm is actually the same manufacturers as the beloved GHD brand. What’s unique about Glampalm stylers are the healing stones found in the ceramic plates to protect and heal your hair.
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I must say at first glance this this hair straightener is quite simple similar to the GHD. If you look closer it has heat settings which the GHD doesn’t have. I think that’s pretty awesome! Especially if you don’t want the heat to be high. You can easily switch through heat settings that best suits your hair type. Not everyone has tough hair like mine that needs that much heat to straighten it. The design of the Glampalm hair straightener I received is exquisite! It feels perfect in my hands and does not burn my fingers at all. The packaging is gorgeous!! My styler not only came in a couple pretty box. It also came in a handy travel bag, with two hair clips, that are always handy for section in off your hair.
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Now for the best part, I know you all want to know how well the Glampalm actually works. Firstly I had a GHD V styler before and have been using it right up until I tested out this baby and in my opinion the Glampalm definitely outshine the GHD. I am probably going to get a lot of hate about that but it’s so true for my hair type the Glampalm worked way better then my GHD did and my GHD I only had for 3 months, the Glampalm left my hair shinier, sleek, and so darn straight,my split ends weren’t noticeable at all. I am really amazed at what the Glampalm did to me hair. My hair straightening time is even quicker then before,which is always great as no one wants to spend an hour just to straighten their hair. This straighter has narrow plans which is perfect for controlling and curling hair, I find curling my hair is easier too.


Overall this is an outstanding hair tool, I definitely recommend this is everyone, especially when you have thick hair like I do, this  will change your life, my hair looks so much more healthier then before.


For more information and other stylers Glampalm has to offer go back easier their website


Also if you are interested in purchasing one I have hooked you up with a R200 discount code! (Yippee) Just use the code BSB225 online.

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