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A few weeks ago I was contacting by the brand Healing Earth to review some of their products. Before this I have never heard about this brand,so of course I was curious to try out some of the products they offer to share them with you ladies if they are worth taking a look at.

Who is Healing Earth? Healing Earth are market leaders in holistic African Beauty and wellness care. These products contain  healing power from Africa’s rich natural resources,which means their products are pure and they cater to spa’s and people looking for natural products to use at home.


They also have spa’s which you can visit or you can buy their products online if you are the kinda gal who wants the spa treatment at home.


Here are some of the products I got to test out.

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African potato body and face balm (R448)

To be honest I didn’t expect much of this products and to be quit frank this is probably the product I love the most in a matter of two or so weeks I have completed used mine! Using it everyday in skin it it did wonders!!! I found that it really kept my skin moisturized all day and it made my skin feel amazing not aching at all which I find so many others to do. This African Potato face and body balm consists of an authentic patented formula and is used to assist healing for eczema. It just happens to be that I am a suffer eczema sufferer and wanted to put this to the test weather this product performs as Healing Earth claims, and I have to say I am super impressed at there fact that I was able to use this everyday with no irritation at all is a great accomplishment, my skin actually felt better using this because it controls my eczema In a way so many over the counter products just can’t do. I also tend to use it for my chapped lips,because of its healing properties.


Healing Earth_05 Healing Earth_06

 Rhythm body butter ( R213)

This body butter is rich in texture and melts when applied on to the skin to form an ultimate body oil.I find it to be super hydrating because of the oil contents – but not only at all, my skin seems to absorb it really well. The smell is incredible and soothing.

 Healing Earth_03

Pinotage Bath And Shower Gel (R234)

The name really intrigued me,Yes you guessed it Pinotage got me excited for wine. So I was curious at the fact that can wine really be used in a shower gel. It consists of powerful antioxidants which allows for a vinotheraphy experience. antioxidants are known to prevent aging and to increase the protection of skin… This males for a really amazing bath and shower gel and it sure does smell amazing too…

Healing Earth_04

Foot Detox Gel (R239)

Since Winter is here my feet needed some well needed extra care, my feet seem to be one of those body parts I take care of her least which does result to having dried out feet which is not pleasant at all.. This Detox foot gel consists of rosemary and eucalyptus,this makes it perfect for muscles to relax and to increase circulation, to me thats important because diabetes runs in my family and taking care of blood circulation does help with keeping the blood flowing  where it should. I must say I’ve tried this myself and my boyfriend, my feet feels amazing after a good foot massage I can feel the eucalyptus working it’s a magic and my feet feels a lot less tense. A carry stress in feet for sending reason but once getting  a foot rub with these I can’t even describe how amazing it feels,everything feels less tense and relaxing.

Healing Earth_07

Destress Eye Gel (R277)

This is another amazing products,because I have really bad under eye circles I really wanted to try a product to help lighten them,my concealer can only do so much but I need a natural product that could help me take care of my skin as this can be a real struggle. I don’t always want to have to cover them up and I also don’t want to consistently look tired even when I’m not. Healing Earth claims that this will rejuvenate tired eyes and smooth fine lines. I have only been using this one for a week now and I can really tell my dark under eyes seem to be a bit lighter then before… Once I apply the gel it feels refreshing and I can actually feel it work,it gives this slight tingle which feel amazing!


I can begin to express to you guys how impressed I am with the products, Healing Earth has opening a whole new world with their natural products and I can honestly say these are worth the buy,it’s been a very long time since I found products that actually work with my skin and doesn’t irritate it at all I love the fact that everything is natural and I know I’m not putting any unwanted chemicals in my body. I would definitely recommend these guys! You will love it and they have so many different ranges to choice from to suit your skins needs.

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