Inglot AMC Foundation

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​​Recently I found myself in desperate need of a new foundation,I have just completed my even better Clinique foundation and had to get a new one. I went to the Inglot counter and they suggest I try the Inglot AMC Foundation.

If you are a caramel complexion like I am,you should know the struggles of getting the perfect foundation to suit my skin tone. My clinique was a bad match and made me look darker than I really am.. But I refused to not finish the product and mixing foundations honestly suck and take so much time, time that I really don’t have in the morning because I have to get my ass to work!

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I went to Edgars to find Rimmel range as I’ve heard good reviews about their foundations,but of course no luck finding my shade.. I decided to visit the higher end counters now I’m not a fan of makeup counters in stores at all I find that the cosmetic ladies are rude and they judge me and always give me this bad look as if I’m about to steal something just because I’m not wearing fancy clothes or wearing heels!
I’ve always had that problem everything and just stuck to drugstore ( as we all it pharmacy in South Africa) it’s quick and easy and no one gives me hassles. Really needed help with getting myself matched correctly,this lovely lady at the inglot counter approached me and she was so friendly I told her I was in the hunt for perfect shade of foundation and she tested them on me… I have to say I was impressed at how welcoming she was and she matched me perfectly right in the spot I bought the inglot foundation and it got me excited to use it at home.


I have used Inglot eyeshadow before and was highly impressed with the formulation of it. This foundation applies so smooth,blending was a breeze and it left my face with a slight glow. With a good primer my foundation stays put all day and doesn’t fade at all. The price was R390 if I’m not mistaken,which I think is a bit pricey for me but I really wanted a quality foundation that actually has a match for my skin tone.
These can be found at any Inglot counter,I would definitely suggest this foundation if you are looking for a good wearable foundation that lasts all day and gives you that desired dewy look.

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