{Review} Jane Seymour Wonder Set Hairspray

{Review} Jane Set our Wonder Set Hairspray_01

Hello loves I have been wanting to get myself a new hairspray it’s one of those things I always seem to forget to buy when I do my monthly toiletry shopping. I have been using the Moroccan oil extra hold hair spray but to be honest it’s so expensive to repurchase so I try to only use that for special occasions so of course I needed something to use that’s light on the wallet.

Whilst looking for shampoo I came across the Jane Seymour hairsprays a brand I’ve never heard before nor noticed in Dischem for only R36 I was a bit skeptic as I find a lot of dirt cheap products and always head with caution but then again it’s worth the shot seeing that is so cheap! So atl east I have the peace of mind that it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

I got the I’m for natural hold their were others to choose from as well. The wonder set hairspray contains Pro Vitamin B5 it also helps with moisture control that helps condition the hair which prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle – this hair spray didn’t leave my hair feeling sticky at all which I have personally experienced and honestly hate that feeling of sticky hair when I try and run my hair through yet especially when usually the hairspray for holding my curls. I found that this wonder set hair spray held my hair for quite some time however not the entire day but then again never did my high end hairspray. My hair still felt movable and non greasy which is awesome.

{Review} Jane Set our Wonder Set Hairspray_02

Directions : style hair and hold can 30cm away from the hair and spray evening in a slow sweeping motion. Use your fingers to shape your hair hair as you wish.

I am quite surprised at how good this Jane Seymour hair spray actually worked especially for that super cheap price I paid for it. I will be getting settled major use out of this because it does come in a massive can which is usually bigger then my Batiste dry shampoo. If you looking  for an everyday hair spray or just to hold your curls then this is a great budget friendly option to try.


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