{Review} Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant

My knowledge of heat protectant spray’s are very limited, I have been using Tresemme for years… sadly I did notice that after some time my hair would still end up being really damaged. Until recently when I visited Skin PHD for a routine hair cut, the stylist introduced me to the Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant.

At first I was hesitant to try it myself because I know so many  hair stylist are always trying to sell you things that you really don’t need. I knew my current heat protectant spray wasn’t doing a create job. So I went out on a limb – just praying this actually works out, we all know Joico is no cheap brand! I ordered one from Retailbox, because they are just awesome and always have salon quality products which is really cool and they were a bit cheaper then what the salon was selling it for.

Purchasing the Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant has probably been one of the best hair product decision I made. It’s been more then a month, I would say of using it at least once a week and I have noticed that my hair is a lot less prone to breakage, split ends and minimal – my hair just looks healthier and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky at all. It’s great for people with curly and thick hair – it does a great job in making my hair feel smooth and hair actually stays smooth for longer… No matter if I am just blow drying, straightening or curling my hair this product has been a pleasure to use.

I would definitely recommend this to someone who is in need of a good heat protectant , the price is a bit of a killer – but you are getting salon quality and it will last you a good couple of months depending on how often you actually use heat protects, I have been using less heat tools on my hair because it has left my hair so damaged before now that I have a great hair cut and chopped all that damaged hair off I just want it to grow back healthy again.


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