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LA Girl Cosmetics are one of those brands that we can easily forget about, their products always seem to surprise me and of course with every other Beauty brand their are going to be some hits and misses. The LA Girl BB Cream was one of those products I wasn’t too sure on buying until I read some great reviews on it and also the youtubers Tati spoke so much about it and that girl knows her stuff!

So I actually bought the LA Girl BB Cream a few weeks ago and started to use it on those days when I just don’t want to wear a heavyweight foundation I have noticed my skin has been acting up a lot most probably due to the fact that I don’t allow my skin to breath I’ve been packing on so much makeup everyday.  That’s why I got myself this BB Cream it doesn’t cover up everything but the important parts basically just evening out my skin tone colour.

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I picked up the shade in Medium which seems to be a great match.  I actually didn’t expect this BB cream to be this liquidy (don’t think that’s a word but let’s go with it) I normally found other BB creams to be more thicker but this one just runs out so have to be careful that toy don’t use too much.  The coverage is definitely light so if you have any acne scaring or just bumps in general it will be visible but if need be you can just conceal them.  This only costs R60 at Dischem which is a bargain for a BB cream I actually really love the way it makes me feel like I have nothing on this well be best during those hot summer days when you don’t want to wear much makeup.  I personally love this for when I’m not really going anywhere or when I just want things simple if you starting on makeup or just not a fan of using foundation then this is definitely worth buying it evens your complexion and it’s super light weight –  it also lasts all day without cracking throughout the day I feel that some of my foundations start cracking which isn’t a good look.

I would definitely recommend this BB cream it applies well, it’s lightweight, and super affordable the colour selection is great too so everyone is bond you found their shade. I now see why beauty gurus love it so much.


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