{Review} Makeup Eraser

Makeup Eraser _01

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Makeup Easer South Africa to possibly review their Makeup Eraser Cloth and I was quite excited to give it a go. I just love the idea of this product and really wanted to test if it worked as Makeup Eraser claims it to.

The cloth feels really soft, firstly I didn’t think that this will work to be honest – but once I followed the below steps that does get sent to you, so it’s no excuse to really mess this up. I found it super easy to use, it did remove my makeup quite well I might add – without the extra use of products or intense scrubbing, I was really impressed that it managed to remove my mascara as well. Mascara and liquid liner and the toughest products for me to remove, it usually takes about three face washes and hard scrubbing which does end up hurting my eyes.

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How To Use:

1 – Wash the Eraser before use.

2 – Wet a portion of the Makeup Eraser, have it drenched in luke warm water.

3 – Gently wipe off makeup using a circular motion.

4 – Wash Makeup Eraser in the washing machine.

The steps are pretty straight forward, Makeup Eraser does have different size variants ( or atleast I recieved more then one size option to test out ) , making the smaller one easier to carry around when you plan on travelling. I have been using this daily for a few weeks now and it’s become part of my daily routine.

For more information about the brand you can check out the Makeup Eraser website here. You can purchase these on their website they retail for about R199 I would also love to know if any of you guys used the Makeup Eraser Cloth before? If so, let me know what your thoughts were.