{Review} Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Heart Blusher

Whilst rearranging my room and clearing out some makeup I came across my Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blusher that for some reason I haven’t touched or even reviewed in the blog before,  for the life of me I have no idea why I haven’t yet since I bought from Makeup Revolution for a about over a year now. 

Makeup Revolution is a UK based online store,  I used my Aramex Global Shopper account to purchase some of their products a year ago and one of these products was the Makeup Revolution Heart Blusher. From first glance these look almost indentical to the very popular Too Faced Heart Blushes, I have never used the Too Faced blushes nor have I used any Too Faced products in actual fact so I can’t compare these to it at all.

The packaging of these heart blushes are just the most adorable thing ever which is probably why I haven’t made much use of it,  because I don’t want to destroy this exquisite packaging.  Right off the bat you will notice that their are different shades you can either swirl your brush around to get a beautiful pink blush shade are use the different colours separately which I do often depending on how intense I want my blush to look that day.  The pigmentation of these  Makeup Revolution blushers are amazing,  so be pretty careful when picking up product you might just be left with too much on your cheeks just like what happened to me! I found that the formula was surprisingly creamy for a product that only could me about £5 if I am not mistaken that’s pretty damn good.  From the products I’ve used from Makeup Revolution like their palettes I have yet to be disappointed…

I would love to get my hands on more of these heart blushes they do have a variety of different shade combinations and they have them in highlighter and bronzer shades! How can you not fall in love,  great quality, amazing price and beautiful packaging and long wear! Have you guys used any of the Makeup Revolution Heart Blusher? If so please let me know what you thoughts are, because personally I am obsessed


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