{Review} Mandy’s Facial Hair Removal Cream Duo

{Review} Mandy’s Facial Hair Removal Cream Duo_01


Unwanted facial hair has always been a struggle for me, embarrassing to mention this but I do have really dark and stubborn hair – also it grows back so fast I swear it’s not normal! I tweeze my poor eyebrows every second day and I have to wax the hair from my upper top lip about every week so you can only imagine how frustrating that must be.

So I was very pleased and cautious when the PR company for Mandy’s sent me their Facial Hair Removal Cream Duo to try out! I have tried so many hair removal creams in the past and actually burnt my upper lip 80% of the time, so I tend to be very cautious when trying new hair removal products especially with the sensitive skin on my upper lip , you just can’t take the risk.

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Mandy’s says that the facial hair removal cream duo is enriched with Phytocomplex, a flowers couples of water lily, jasmine,hibiscus and green tea extract. Together these deliver a multitude of benefits for the skin – these are nourishing, hydrating and calm on the skin.Combined with a fresh ,floral fragrance , the formula is gentle enough to use to delicate facial areas.Its suggested to test it on a small patch of skin before hand.

Directions: Apply thin layer of the Skin Protect Balm on the area you going to be removing hair from, use a tissue to blot excess. Then immediately apply the facial hair removal cream,don’t rub this into the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes, remove with a cotton pad with lukewarm water.

I found that this duo worked really well together , my embarrassing upper lip hair removed within one swipe. What really surprised me was the fact that it didn’t leave my lip with any burning sensation. I had my lips burnt a few times on other products I’ve tried out, but I must say I am rather impressed with this fine duo Mandy’s released.