​{Review} Maybelline Pore Eraser

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The Maybelline pore eraser has finally hit South African shelves,I’d say it’s about time! I can’t believe it took Maybelline this long to bring this over to SA…

We are always on a super long waiting list with some other countries to receive the newest releases. At least for you ladies who has been shopping it from the US or UK you can finally head on over to your local Dischem and purchase it ourselves without paying an arm and a leg for shopping.I’ve always contemplated whether to ship this in too,but rather waited till it was released to get my hands on one and share my thoughts with you ladies.


The Maybelline pore eraser has been on the lips of so many beauty bloggers,I won’t lie that probably the only reason I bought it and the fact that I needed a new primer. At first off I’ve noticed the gorgeous mint blue packaging,it’s truly eye catching – I also noticed that the tube is actually much smaller then I thought it would’ve been much like the Benefit Pore Eraser,this one has so many similarities from the outside…


Maybelline claims that this product will reduce the lines of pores and fine lines,like most other brands claim to as well. Once I’ve taken off the lid I notice that it has such a handy nozzle to prevent you from squeezing to much, let’s face it with my luck that is a huge bonus it’s like a child lock!This primer is silicon based,which is unfortunate for you ladies who don’t like silicon based products – personally I’m a huge fan of the silicon primer it feels like I get to more places on my favs with using a tiny bit of product.

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It makes for a great base to apply my foundation over it. I do notice that my foundation application is much smoother,also it makes it last longer so I can go through an entire day without having to do any touch ups which can get supper annoying… I have super dry skin which you all have heard countless of times (sorry gals) those dry patches are the worst I tend to get them on my forehead so it’s very important that my primer holds my product all day I can’t be looking like my face is peeling off by lunch time. Lines definitely seem less visible,I can’t compare this to any other primer than the Palladio primer I’ve used before and this one wins by a mild. For an everyday primer this should work well to do what it needs to, for only R83 this was a great price!


Would I repurchase? Yes! I have to wear primer everyday so yes I am satisfied with the results and would definitely repurchase it.

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