{Review} Naturals Beauty Essential Collection

{Review} Naturals Beauty Essential Collection_03 I have been struggling so much with my skin lately it’s probably because of Winter arriving but my skin has been the worst it’s ever been from dry, patchy areas to bumps all over it seems like my skin has just been freaking out more then usual.  When Naturals Beauty emailed me to send me some products I was thrilled to try some natural products that could help with getting my skin healthy again.  They sent me some products in the Natural Beauty Essential Collection.

I am all almost natural products the less chemicals and foreign products used in my beauty products the better it is for my skin.  I am an eczema sufferer so I do need to be very careful with the products I use otherwise my skin will totally freak out and I will be left with rashes all over that has taken me years to get over and have my skin as normal as it can be.  These are just short reviews on how I have been finding these products over the past few days that I have been testing them.

Naturals Beauty products are all handcrafted they are made is small batches which makes them fresh, the products are made of all natural and organic ingredients.  They also do not test on animals which really is amazing cause let’s be honest brands shouldn’t be testing on poor animals. I really like the fact that naturals beauty is a family run business who takes pride in creating high quality products.

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Face Exfoliator R99

The face exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and fresh mainly because of the fresh extracts  of cucumber and sutherlandia that helps with improving skin radiance. I really love the fresh scent of the exfoliator my skin feels really good after use and definitely does feels softer and smoother. I usually use it before cleansing for about 3 times during the week because I don’t want to over exfoliate my skin because my skin is quite sensitive.

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Hydrating Masque R79. 95

A hydrating and purifying masque that removes impurities from skin and keeps skin soothed, nourished and moisturised it’s also suitable for all skin types. It’s suggested to apply a thin layer and keep it on for 20min and rinse gently with warm water. This is probably one of the best masques I’ve recently used my skin feels so smooth and moisturised and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight like other masques tend to. I have been enjoying it only been using it once a week for now.

Night Cream R109.95

Described as a luxurious cream with firming, even skin tone and anti wrinkle actions from the Bobabe Extract. It contains loads of vitamins including Vitamin E, rooibos and antioxidants that keeps the skin feeling healthy and looking younger. This night Cream is just amazing the vitamin E and primrose oil had done wonders for my dry skin it really does feel moisturised during the night while I’m asleep.

I have honestly been impressed with the Naturals Beauty Essential Collection I received my skin has no more bumps and not as try and it was before using these which has only been two weeks now.  In such a short amount of time I’ve noticed quite a difference my skin feels fresh and silky soft. The fact that these are all natural products makes me love this brand even more I am just so excited that I got the opportunity try these products and definitely recommend these to anyone that’s looking for an all natural beauty product that can help with your skin problems especially for dry skin it’s done a great job for me.



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