Real Techniques Core Collection

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A few months ago I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection from Ebay and 3 months of agony waiting for these makeup brushes they finally arrived! Yippee!!

Getting these in South Africa wasn’t an option at the time I bought these I know that at this moment selected Foshini store you can now purchase them, I am not too sure if any of the collections are available yet, they can also be purchased at Takealot now.. Which is pretty awesome!

These Real Techniques brushes are all the rage in the beauty community, they are designed and made by sister makeup artist and youtubers Pixiwoo ( you can also purchase brushes there and they do ship to South Africa) I purchased mine for $16 which was on special they normally cost $18 from Amazon and Pixiwoo.

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The Core Collection consists of Flat Foundation brush, detailer brush, a contour brush and a buffing brush. The packaging is simply gorgeous, they are gold and black and they are easy to grip which means they don’t slip out of your hands like I have found my other makeup brushes.

Now lets get into the fun part and see what each brush does and what they can be used for.


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♥ Flat Foundation Brush

This is great for applying foundation when you want a full coverage, personally I find that this brush is too small to apply my foundation with and I simply don’t have the time as this does take quite some time to apply. I find this brush perfect for concealing though.


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♥ Detailer brush

This brush is very small , I find it great for getting those spots covered really well with foundation, it’s also great to highlight your inner eyes as it really gets in there well.


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♥ Contour Brush

This brush is definitely one of my favourites in the core collection, it has a domed shape and works well for contouring of course! The domed shape always you to get an accurate contour.


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♥ Buffing Brush

Another favourite, well most possibly the best one out of the collection for me and most used is the buffing brush. It blends my foundation perfectly as the hairs don’t absorb any of the product, it blends like a dream.

My final thoughts? This set is definitely worth the money, the synthetic hairs are so soft and it does make a huge difference in my makeup application. I will definitely be purchasing more Real Techniques brushes soon!

Have you guys tried the Real Techniques Core Collection before?

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