{Review} Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set

There’s no denying that beauty tools makes a huge difference when it comes to makeup application. With such a wide variety of makeup brushes to choose from it’s easy to get totally lost and not know what brushes you actually need. Real Techniques has got to be one of the most known and loved makeup tools brand across the globe. They have also released a few different brush sets to make things easier for us, God knows how useless I can get when it comes to these things but I have found that these sets help so much. Today I share my thoughts on my newest collection of Real Techniques brushes I purchased the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set.

My trusty Real Techniques Core Collection ( see review here) has been the only brushes from the brand I’ve used for a really long time. I finally took the plunge a few months ago and purchased the Real Techniques Eye Starter Set from Takealot as well. I have been on the look out for quality eye shadow brushes especially for blending and thought that these would be a great investment to make – it also helped that these were at a discount!

The Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set consists of 5 brushes that are specifically for the eyes. Don’t worry here’s the low down on what every brush is designed for.

Deluxe Crease Brush – Soft, oversized brush designed with Ultraplush bristles for effortless contouring.

Base Shadow Brush – The bristles apply a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.

Accent Brush – This is perfect for precision , detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging.

Fine Liner Brush – This is the ultimate precision tool, prefect for application of liquid or cream eye liner.

Brow Brush – As the names states , this brush is used to define those brows.

All of these brushes comes in a panoramic case which is really awesome to use for traveling and to display the brushes you want to use. The quality of these Real Techniques brushes are just awesome, the bristles are soft and picks up product really well. So far I have made use of all of these brushes, they have been amazing for application and I have not experienced any shedding with these at all. I would highly recommend Real Techniques brushes to anyone starting to experiment with makeup or even those who want good quality brushes these are a great investment to make.


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