{Review} Revlon Photo Ready Skin Lights

I have really been loving using highlighters lately, especially in the Summer time a gorgeous glow is what I aim to achieve every time I walk out the door in the morning.

One of my favourite highlighters that I have been using recently is the Revlon Photo Ready Skin Lights Highlighter, this highlighter is quite unique to others I have used, I have used a cream and powder highlighter before but not a liquid one. This one has a liquid consistency and it works amazingly well when blending, I find that using my fingers actually works best for me.

As for the price I actually got mine on a sale I only paid I think R55 for it at Dischem, the highlighter is subtle but easily noticeable in the correct light. I am extremely pleased with the look it leaves me and most days I just use this over my foundation with no blush nor bronzer. As for longevity , the highlight does become less noticeable during the day, so it’s not really that long lasting as I would like it to be. Overall I love this product it’s one of my favourite highlighters and I would definitely get more as soon as mine finishes.

Have you guys used this Revlon Photo Ready Skin Lights Highlighter before?


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