​​{Review} Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

​​{Review} Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation_01

Hello my loves, I hope you all are doing well! Today I am sharing my thoughts on the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation, I have never used any Rimmel foundations before and was pretty excited to test this foundation.

I was lucky enough to have been sent this from Beauty Bulletin to share my experiences with you guys. First of all with me having really dry skin the word matte really freaks me out. Matte foundations are generally worn by oily skin ladies to matify their face and help control oil. I most certainly don’t have that issue, so that totally put me off – but I still tried it…The shade I was given also seems to be too light for my skin tone – but once I mixed it with my beauty blender it actually blended really well with my skin tone.

So what does Rimmel have to say about their product well Rimmel claims that this foundation is “feather-light, Liquid mousse blends flawlessly for natural – looking all day shine controls. Silky smooth formula that leaves a perfectly Matte, baby – soft finish.

What do I really think? I love the fact that this foundation comes in a mousse form, it’s easy to blend and it sure does feel light and airy- which is always great for Summer time. The fact that it is matte makes it better suited for oily girls, but if you are like me and can sweat quite abit during those hot Summer days this foundation will definitely come in handy it keeping everything at bay. I do agree with Rimmel this foundation is really smooth and it has a thickish consistency which I some what like.

This foundation however is not as long lasting as I hope it would’ve been, because I sneeze alot with my allergies I tend to wipe my nose alot which leaves foundation coming off by around my nose area and exposes my red nose! Which is not cool especially when you sitting at work. To be fair all my foundations tend to do this with me…

​​{Review} Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation_02

The coverage is really light so don’t expect a full on face with this look, this makes it great for Summer when you aren’t looking for a full coverage look.I like the fact that it comes in a tube and not a glass bottle which can be quite messy knowing me everything will fall everywhere, the tube is easier to control how much product I use with no mess at all!

Compared to other foundations I have used in the past I would say that this one is pretty average, nothing really excites me about it or stands out from the crowd. If you have oily skin this would be a better fit because it does control shine and oil. These do retail for R119.95 at the usual Clicks, Dischem and Edgars stores.


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