{Review} Stila In the Light Palette

{Review} Stila In the Light Palette_01

You guys are not going to believe how long I’ve actually had the Stila in the light palette in my collection.  My amazing boyfriend got this for me as an anniversary gift last year and stingy me have been trying to not touch it in the hopes that it would last forever which I realized can’t be possible!

I finally swatched this beautiful palette and actually used it a few times to really put this palette to the test.  Now I am no pro when it comes to  makeup application – I’m actually just a beginner learning as I go along.  I have to say Justin has amazing taste and I definitely gave him no hints about wanting this palette I guess he really did his research haha! So receiving a Stila palette really shocked me like seriously what guy does that! I am beyond thrilled though and sadly this is the most expensive palette I actually own all of the other palette I have are all drugstore brands or as we call them here in South Africa pharmacy.

I’m sure every beauty blogger in the universe (might have slightly exaggerated) has that palette – As usual I am the last to get  new releases but nonetheless I am going to give my two cents on this breathtaking palette because I want to. Firstly the packaging is kind of cool I love the hard cardboard packaging it’s sturdy much better to hold then my plastic palettes I own.

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Each shade also has the name of it written under the eyeshadow colour so it’s easy to keep track on what shade you are using.  Also one thing I’m supply happy about is that this palette actually game with a guide to help people who has no idea what the fuck they are doing to give us some inspiration on what shades creates what looks I love this it definitely does help usually I just add to shades together and bam off I go…  I have never been into the blending thousand shades together to create this gorgeous smokey depth but I must say I wish I had the skill to be able to pull that off for now three shades is my maximum haha I like the end result and it’s what I feel comfortable doing which makes me happy .

There are other Stila palettes that has different colour combinations I am a sucker for neutral palettes it’s the only kind of palettes I own because I use them most of the time I hardly use any bold eyeshadows so I’m glad Justin knew me well enough to get the Stila in the light palette.  The Stila in the light palette comes with 10 eyeshadows, 4 mattes and 6 shimmers the palette has the eyeshadows on one side and on the other an easy to use mirror for when you need a quick fix with a quote saying

“believe in the beauty of the future” –  Sarah Lucero

I also got an eyeliner with which made me happy because who doesn’t like freebies! The eyeliner is just like the eyeshadows amazing quality I can really tell the difference when swatching this eyeshadow to my other cheaper  brands these Stila eyeshadows just feels creamier and buttery smooth and pigmentation is out of this world, my favourite has got to be kitten – pop that on the eyelid and you have a gorgeous shimmer party on your eyelids. These last me all day long and with an eyeshadow primer it makes the shadows pop even more.


These can be found online Justin got mine on Takealot (which I checked doesn’t stock it anymore) for about R435 if you are in South Africa.  I honestly have no bad things to say about this palette it just is amazing as everyone says it is I would love to get my hands on more of their palettes they are most definitely worth the investment.  So if you are looking for a great palette to get that had all the perfect neutrals this one is worth looking into.


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