{ Review } Swiitch Beauty Slays For Days Eyeshadow Palette

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Swiitch Beauty has been all over my social media, no matter what I do posts of Swiitch Beauty keeps making its way on my feed.  I then decided to finally give in to temptation are purchase the Swiitch Beauty Slays For Days Eyeshadow Palette to see what all the hype was about.

Swiitch Beauty is a local brand the owner Rabia created – she’s a young entrepreneur who created Swiitch Beauty to deliver great quality makeup to South African ladies. I wasn’t too sure on what to buy from Swiitch Beauty as they had two palettes that just screamed my name. After reading tons of reviews and watching Youtube videos, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Swiitch Beauty Slays For Days Eyeshadow Palette which is described as a highly pigmented, buttery, warm toned shadow palette. What mainly caught my eye was the orange and red shades in this palette. I don’t have anything like this in my collection so I wanted something different that I know I will using a lot.

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The Swiitch Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes are extremely similar to Morphe eyeshadow palettes, I never used any Morphe eyeshadow palette so I can’t compare the quality of the eyeshadows , but from first glance they do look rather similar.

From the moment I said goodbye to my money when purchasing the eyeshadow palette online, I got tons of emails from Swiitch Beauty keeping me update on my package at all times – This is something that is lacking from other online stores. I like the fact that I am always kept in the loop so that I don’t have to constantly emailed. The entire process was a pleasure, it took about 4 days for my order to arrive which is really great. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I finally got my order delivered.

My Swiitch Beauty Slays For Days Eyeshadow Palette was sealed really well to make sure that I didn’t receive any broken eyeshadow, seriously that will make me cry!! My eyeshadow palette arrived fully intact. I am not going to share swatched from each and every eyeshadow, but I will be showing a few of my favourites in the palette. The eyeshadows are buttery smooth just as promised by Swiitch Beauty, I find that the shades I swatched and used are extremely pigmented, you will experience a bit of fall out when apply these to your eyes, but nothing drastic at all. I also found that the lighter eyeshadow shades aren’t as pigmented as the rest, that’s probably beacause the lighter shades we about my skin tone and didn’t really show up on my swatch photos. However thats minor, 99% of my eyeshadow shades are a dream and easy to blend.

For R350 I am seriously blown away by the quality and the amount of eyeshadows you actually get this is unheard of in South Africa! This is a great option to go and its easily available then having to ship something like this from the US.

I must admit I am really pleased and impressed by Swiitch Beauty, and no I am not just saying that I bought this from my own money so you know I won’t bullshit you guys! If you are interested in checking out what Swiitch Beauty has to offer then check out their website here.


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