{ Review } Swiitch Beauty #UltiMattePalette

Swiitch Beauty has really been blowing up recently, I have been seeing more products about the brand on social media. If you guys can remember I did review the Slaysfordays eyeshadow palette not too long ago on Beautycandyloves – if you missed that review then read all about it here. I have expressed so many times how much I love that warm toned eyeshadow palette, and today I am back with a lip palette that Swiitch Beauty released. Today I am reviewing the Swiitch Beauty #UltiMattePalette, so if you are interesting then keep on reading.

Swiitch Beauty is a local brand, their lip palette launched a few weeks ago and I purchased it on launch day! I paid R300 for it at launch price – the lip palette normally retails for R350 which is not bad considering that you get 12 different lip shades within the palette. This palette is a “nude” girls dream lip palette – I am not one for bold lipsticks and this palette has all the shades that I would normally go for.

From top : hotmess | werk | bosslady | saucy | stripped | mood grind | babydoll | naked | goals | sexbomb | brownie points


What Swiitch Beauty says : “The #UltiMattePalette is SwiitchBeauty’s first ever lip product, housing 12 ultra-pigmented, super creamy + hydrating matte lip shades. You get 3 grams of each shade, which makes the palette equivalent to a 12-regular sized lipstick. The formula is opaque, long wearing & comfortable on the lips. A little goes a long way with each swipe of this formula & you should get between 250-300 applications for each shade. Use a lip brush to apply the product or use your fingers with a dabbing motion for a more natural lip tint.

The shades in this palette are all wearable and they are also pretty versatile these shades will be perfect for ladies of any skin tone. I have worn a few of these lipstick shades and I found that they really are comfortable to wear, I use them with my finger and lip brush – I feel like my lip brush doesn’t pick up as much product as I would like. The formula is creamy and definitely matte. They aren’t as hydrating as I would like, so I definitely do recommend you guys exfoliate your lips beforehand and add some lip balm before use.

They are also not as incredibly long lasting like a liquid lipstick but for a matte lipstick is lasts quite a few hours I found that it lasted me until lunch time whilst eating and drinking. With that being said I am impressed with how opaque these lipsticks are. As mentioned they are comfortable to wear and I would definitely say they are worth the money! I can get so much use out of this one palette and love the packaging – It’s easy to see what shade I want to use.


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