{Review} TRESemmé Oil Elixir

Being someone who has to deal with dry,  damaged hair –  it’s always a struggled to find a product that nourishes my dry ends yet doesn’t make it look oily! The last thing I want is for my hair to look and feel greasy.
I have used many hair oils before some which were a fail and others which worked really well,  hair oils is something I usually put on on damaged ends before blow drying my hair and it makes it look less damaged and more moisture looking.

TRESemmé send over their oil Elixir to try out,  now I have never used TRESemmé hair oils before but I have really been enjoying their other hair products especially they salon finishing spray and their dry shampoo which is blown my mind and became my new favourite dry shampoo which reminds me that I actually need to stock up on that!  TRESemmé has always given me great quality products that works well I have hardly had a product that hasn’t worked for me and this is no different.

I would recommend this to ladies with dry hair because the last thing someone with oily hair needs is more oil.  My split ends are less noticeable and a tiny drop goes a long way.  I love the fact that I can easily control how much product I want and I love how shinny it makes my hair look.  The bottle will be lasting me for a very long time! These are best for colour treated hair like mine I have been bleaching my ends but it has also left my poor hair damaged! So this oil elixir does help with that,  it also consists of grape seed oil g the oil elixir helps tame frizz,  restores smoothness and makes hair easier to style. The oil elixir can also be used pre wash which allows the to be absorbed transforming hair from deep without allowing it to depend nourish the hair without only feeling.


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