​​{Review} Yardley CC Cream

I haven’t used any Yardley products before so when Beauty Bulletin sent me this Yardley CC Cream to review I was a bit sceptic, a collegue of mine told me about an allergic reaction she had from a Yardley eyeliner so it got me a bit scared.

At first glance the colour doesn’t look like it would match my skin tone, but I was definitely mistaken the shade warm tan 03 was a perfect match.This colour corrector moisturizer contains SPF30 which makes or perfect for Summer time to help protect my skin from those harsh summer days.
I found that this CC cream is perfect for a light to medium coverage, I love the fact that it is, because during Summer I am not really fond on using much makeup. The Yardley CC cream covered my blemishes and uneven skin tone really well,I was really surprised it how well it covered up everything without making my face feel like or can’t breath.


This Yardley CC cream retails for R99.99 which makes it a great budget friendly option. I am really impressed with this cc cream and find that I will be reaching for this a lot instead of my foundation this Summer.


Have you used the Yardley CC cream before?


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