How I Schedule My Blog Content

How I Schedule My Blog Content -1

As mentioned before on Beauty Candy Loves. I have a full-time job and work on my South African Beauty Blog in my spare time. If you have a full-time job, you will know that running a blog that posts four times a week can be pretty stressful. I thought I would share How I Schedule My Blog Content and how I prepare my posts to make things easier for myself.


Scheduling is KEY

I can’t stress enough how important having a schedule is. Planning our blog posts ahead of time makes things a lot easier to manage. I usually have my posts one or two weeks in advanced. Writing all the content and choosing the days I would like them live, makes it easier for me.

Take Bulk Photos

I usually dedicate one day a week to taking blog photos. Because I use natural light with all my photos, I tend to do this early morning when the sun is not too harsh in Summer. I also write my blog posts in bulk. Depending on my creativity on the day I usually write about three or two blog posts when I can.

Make Use Social Media Scheduling Apps/ Plugins

Because of my job, I don’t have as much time to spend on social media. So I tend to use apps to help me schedule tweets, Instagram posts, and a WordPress plugin to help to automate my content. For Instagram and Twitter, I use Buffer and for Facebook I have a plugin called Revive Old Post which allows me to post on social media posts that are already live on my website. This helps to create traffic to older posts.


These are basically How I Schedule My Blog Content.  I can’t stress enough how important planning is when it comes to your blog. It can take hours for me to get everything in order.

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