Shampooheads Professional Hair Care Range

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I recently received Shampooheads Professional shampoo and conditioner in Tropical Twist ,I have to admit I was very surprised at how big it was – the amount of product I am getting is amazing much more then my Garnier shampoo and conditioner which I have currently been using until now that is.

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I have never heard of the brand Shampooheads Professional before so I was quite intrigued at how well these will actually fair up to other brands I’ve tried. My hair is extremely thick and becomes unmanageable , I also have really bad split ends which means I do need really good hair products to help nourish my hair especially at the ends.

Shampooheads Professional is a new salon hair care range created by Geoff and Colette Bell who together have over 30 years of industry and educational expertise.Designed and developed with major contributions from Teens and Tweens, including their very own kids, who were the inspiration behind the Shampooheads Professional range.The input by ‘kids for kids’ was crucial to create the look and feel of the products and also provided true insights into the thought processes and demands of modern day Teens and Tweens.Quite simply, we asked, we listened, as a result we created a market driven product range: The Original Salon Professional Haircare range for Teens and Tweens – BY KIDS, FOR KIDS.

Their range consists of Strawberry Kiss, Tropical Twist and Blueberry Burst. I haven’t tried the other two but Tropical Twist has been become a new favourite, the smell is truly tropical it makes my hair smell so good and the scent does linger for quite some time. The range is for tweens but honestly I have really been enjoying it myself. My hair feels fresh, bouncy and shinny all the things I look for in a good shampoo (500ml) and conditioner (R200ml). I also really like the fact that the shampoo does have an easy to use pump, this works great I wish they made the conditioner like that too – perfect to keep in the shower and just press on the pump to release the product. I have to admit I really am impressed , these are going to be great for Summer the scent definitely got me excited for the warmer weather.

To find out more about the brand and about the products they offer you can check out the Shampooheads Facebook page over here.


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