Simple Changes You Can Make To Update Your Blog

I always find myself making tweaks to my blog to keep the design fresh. I easily get bored with my design so making simple tweaks keeps me excited when blogging. Here are Simple Changes  You Can Make To Update Your Blog.

The great thing about making these simple updates is that you don’t need to know code! I mean neither do I! 

Simple Changes You Can Make To Update Your Blog

One of the reasons I get so excited about blogging is that every few months I do these tweaks to keep my blog looking aesthetically pleasing the way I like it. These tips seem like a no brainer, but let’s face it not all of us have the time to spend hours changing your blog’s design

Update The Font

I love fonts! I often find new fonts that I like whether it’s updating my email font or my blog’s font. Changing the font can make a huge difference to the way your blog looks. I’m always searching for new fonts on Google to find new ones.


I have a self-hosted website and use WordPress as my plate form. WordPress is easy to use and allows me to add a variety of Widgets whether it’s updating my profile widget or adding a shop widget to share my product photos straight on my homepage. By changing these you can also change the look of your blog.

New Theme

Over the last few years, I purchased a new theme about once a year. Themes can be pretty expensive though. If you do have the money, I would suggest splurging on a good quality theme that allows you to customise your blog in many ways. 

Update your Profile Image

Another simple way to update your blog if by updating your profile. I usually do this every so often, I would update my profile image and profile text. 

Change The Colour Scheme

Changing the colour scheme of your blog is another way to instantly change the entire look-out your blog. Every few months I tend to change the colours and it really has made a huge difference. I normally choose two colours that I think go well together. I will update my menu bar colour and the colour of my links. You can also update the background colour of your blog to completely change the look.

So there you have it guys, these are very simple and small changes to your blog that can completely upgrade your blog. I often play around with works for me personally. If you have a self-hosted WordPress website there are so many things you can play around with to make your blog a happy place for you. I hope you guys found these helpful.

Let me know if you guys would like you to see more blog tips posts like these in the comments below. If you also have tips to share let me know.


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