Sorbet Hydrating Body Butter

I have been really into Sorbet products lately – I have been loving the Sorbet hydrating hand and body lotion and the Sorbet hydrating hand and nail cream, I thought I would try another product from their hydrating collection which is why I picked up the Sorbet hydrating body butter.

Now, I’ve never used any of the Sorbet body butter’s before so I was really curious at how they fair with other body butter’s I’ve used before.

Sorbet has such a vast variety of products that’s it’s hard to not buy them when visiting Clicks. I’ve read a few good reviews on the hydrating range , which is mainly why I purchased them – to see how I would find them. Using these different skin products can be tricky because of my eczema, so I do have to be careful with the different products I use on my skin.

The Sorbet Hydrating body butter is ultra moisturizing and contains tangerine , calendula oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E. It deeply nourishes dry skin with the Shea butter and herbal infusion of calendula oil. The Tangerines bring a boost of Vitamin C, it also soothes and nourishes skin.

The Hydrating body butter really does soothes the skin, especially if you suffer from dry skin. The body butter is thick in consistency which I find absorbs really well within the skin. The Vitamin C, Shea butter and calendula oil makes a huge difference  – these ingredients help it locking in moisture and preventing skin to get feel dry during the day. I do not use this daily because of my skin disorder , but have yet to get any skin irritations from using this product. The scent of tangerine is quite refreshing , the scent lingers on your skin for a few hours! If you have used any skin care products from Sorbet before you would know that the brand always delivers on good quality products without the hefty price tag. They definitely worth looking into and will make as great gifts for upcoming Mother’s Day.

You can find Sorbet products at ay Clicks stores or the Sorbet salons nationwide their 250ml Sorbet Hydrating Body Butter retails for only R50!


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