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About 2 or so weeks ago I was invited by Sorbet to try out their new split ender treatment which they have just released. I have never had my hair done at the Sorbet Dry Bar before so I was really excited to experience the salon and also to try the Sorbet Split-Ender Treatment which I have heard so many things about.

The Split-Ender is not that new to the market, a few years ago I have heard of the same concept before and have always wanted to see if a product like this actually works. There are so many gimmicks out there that companies released and it can get overwhelming at times and not know of these products actually work. I have to say for a first-time client of the Sorbet Dry Bar I was really pleased with the staff at the Tygervalley branch the Manager Naziema was such a delight constantly making sure if I was okay and telling me about the Split-Ender as well.

I was pleasantly surprised that they offer champagne too!! I felt so spoilt and pampered from the moment I stepped in the salon for my appointment – I had a head and neck massage from Pam the stylist and I felt so relaxed. I have to give it to Sorbet they really do know how to make the clients feel pampered and well taken care of and I am not just saying that everyone was so friendly.

I am not someone who go that often to the salon, but when I do go I do want to feel pampered, I had so many horror stories in the past where the salon either didn’t do a good job with my hair or they ended giving me the crappiest cut, so I usually am skeptic when it comes to trying out new salons.

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What makes the Split-Ender amazing is the fact that it removes all of your split ends without taking the length of your hair, so ladies that struggles with slow hair growth like me who don’t want to always be trimming your hair the Split-Ender treatment will be ideal. Because I use so many heat tools on my hair, basically everyday it really does damage my hair often and it leaves this terrible split ends that I am embarrassed to admit spend some days pulling out – which I know is really bad for our hair but realistically I know many of you ladies do it as well.

Pam showed me all my split ends that were taken off and I immediately felt the difference in the texture of my hair afterward – which no split end in sight my hair felt so soft and tangle free.

If you do want to try the split ender I would highly recommend you guys visit your nearest Sorbet Dry Bar or contact Sorbet on the below social media links I am so happy with the results and would definitely want to go again in between haircuts, this is a great option I know my hair takes forever to grow so constantly going for a trim a piece of me screams!

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This is the end result

Contact Sorbet for more information about the Split-Ender treatment the prices for the treatment various on hair length.

Short: R300

Medium: R350

Long: R390

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Next, I do want to get my nails done at Sorbet!If you guys had your nails done or tried the Split-Ender treatment let me know in the comments below about your experience.


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