Things I’m looking forward to during Spring

Things I'm looking forward to during Spring_00
Spring will be official in South Africa in September and I have to admit I am excited to finally have some lovely sunny weather for a change. Winter has been brutal well as brutal as a South African Winter can be not compared toy blogger friends from the UK you poor ladies get it way worst!

I love Winter,but I’ve had enough of the dreaded cold… I want to swap out my fluffy sweaters and jeans for summery floral dresses. South African Spring season aren’t really hot at all but it will definitely be alot warmer so won’t be running around getting my shorts just yet. I’ve compiled a tiny list of   things I’m looking forward to in Spring.
Things I'm looking forward to during Spring_01

Things I am looking forward to:

– Sunshine!
– Dresses
– Sandals
– Hiking
– Swimming
– Road trips
– braais (barbecue ) with friends
– bold colour decor
– blooming flowers
– New hair
– bold makeup looks (good bye to dark makeup )
– cocktails
– seeing latest spring fashion trends
– spring makeup trends
– New makeup releases
– strolls on the beach
– better photos

Things I'm looking forward to during Spring_03

I’m pretty sure I’m leaving some things out but for now these are what I’m mostly looking forward to doing during the blooming Spring season.



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