Staying Organized + Cleaning Tips

When it comes to cleaning my home or even my room , lets just say I prefer to not have to do it at all! Cleaning my space can be such a pain because dirt and dust accumulates like crazy and keeping things organised is not easy as it seems.

Here’s some sure way tips on how to be abit more organized and some easy cleaning tips I follow.

Solve Smelling Scents – nothing is worst then releasing that your favourite shoes are starting to smell and yes this happens to everyone! A easy tip is to use baking soda sprinkled inside the shoes, just tab it off before using them again.

Clean hair brushes – Use some dish soap with warm water to get rid of dirt left in your hair brushes.

Getting stains out of cutting board – I use my cutting board a lot! To get rid of smells and stain sprinkle some salt and baking soda and then run the cut side of a lemon.

Hide those cords – Electrical cards can always be such a pain, try hiding them in drawers or cover them to make them less noticeable.

Use Jars as holders –  Jars has been a lifesaver I use them for everything I end up recycling glass jars from coffee and use it to store my makeup brushes and stationary.

Use draw dividers –  These has been amazing – especially when it come to storing my makeup , draw dividers helps keep things looking more organised and clean.

These are just some tips I thought I would share with you guys, as mentioned cleaning is not my forte! But if you guys are like me then try apartment cleaning by Handy , for a great solution and stress free option to help your place be clean and organised.


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