Sudio Vasa Bla Rose Gold White Bluetooth Headphones

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If you are on the lookout for stylish in Bluetooth headphones,  like so many of us especially if you are in the fashion and beauty industry style comes first – but just because you do love stylish things you also don’t want to compromise on good quality.  Sudio a Swedish brand that has just made their products available to be purchased in South Africa!! I got myself the Sudio Vasa Bla Rose Gold White Bluetooth Headphones.

I honestly hate those crappy headphones you usually get with your phone, the quality is just not that amazing – not to mention that I always somehow spend most of my time untangling them! It can be really frustrating which a lot of the times I prefer not to listen to music because I have to deal with that.  The Sudio Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headphones comes in an array of colours to suit your personal taste. Colour combinations are Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Blue, and Pink – I personally love the Rose Gold White it looks so pretty and definitely on trend! They retail for R1530 on the Sudio website (psss, you also receive a free marble Sudio phone cover with your purchase.)

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The  Sudio Vasa Bla Bluetooth Headphones are flat, rubber neckband cable with a rose gold finish. There are a three button control and a microphone down the right –hand side for hands-free calling.  You get a cute matching leather pouch, four different-sized silicone tips, a nifty clip that helps keep the headphones firmly in place. I did find that I was continuously readjusting the headphones because of the weight of the battery, but it’s not that major of an issue.  The quality of these headphones are amazing the Vasa Bla’s 10.2mm dynamic drivers inside are well-tuned. The sound has plenty of detail, and the bass isn’t too overbearing, there’s a nice separation of instruments and vocals are crisp. You’ll need to use the correct silicone cups to fit firmly in your ears.

Battery life is rated at 8 hours, which I find is really reasonable as I do tend to only listen to about 2 hours of music whilst on my way to work and back. They are also super easy to charge as well, I usually charge them at night so that I full battery in the morning. The Bluetooth headphones itself is pretty easy to connect with your phone, there is a user manual to help you it’s literally put on and connect with your phone. These are compatible with iPhone and Andriod phones, they are ultra-light weight and the rubber design makes for an easy grip.

Overall, the Sudio Vasa Bla are the amazing, these stylish-looking headphones produce great sound and are super easy to use. Whether you are going to a gym, taking a run or just want to listen to a good tune – these are a great option and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great pair of headphones.

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