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French skincare brand SVR has made it’s way to South African shores.If you are not familiar to the brand like I was then this post is for you also learn all about the SVR Sun Secure range.

Did you know that UVA / UVB protection only blocks 10% of the sun’s rays?  However, visible light and infrared, which represent 90% of the sun’s rays, penetrate even deeper into the skin, causing real damage.

SVR, a French skincare brand developed by pharmacists in the 1960’s, has launched Sun Secure, a sun protection solution that targets all types of sun rays – UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared, using SVR’s Integral Secure Technology.

Integral Secure Technology ensures:

  • Physical protection on the skin’s surface
  • Biological protection of the skin cells
  • In-depth DNA repair, assisting with cancer prevention


Sun Secure is suitable for people of all ages, which means it’s suitable for families and even babies.

Sun Secure is FREE from the below potentially harmful ingredients:

  • Parabens / Mineral oils
  • Octocrylene / Propylene glycol
  • Benzophenone / Methyl benzoyl camphor

The range is water, sweat and rub resistant, it has a delicate summery fragrance and comes in various forms and textures to suit your individual needs. The products are quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving a smooth, moisturised finish that is not sticky nor greasy.  It contains allergen-free fragrance and lasts for up to 8 hours after application.

The two SVR Sun Secure products I was sent to review are below.

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Sun Secure Blur (R250 / 50ml)

Which is an optical mousse cream SPF50+

Sun Secure Blur is the perfect combination of high SPF50 sun protection and a mousse cream that blurs imperfections and evens the complexion.  It is best suited to adults as a face cream, this is perfect for all year round protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

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Sun Secure Brume (R435 / 200ml)

Sun Secure Brume SPF50+ is the ultimate cool-down for all skin types. This ultra-fine mist leaves an invisible finish and provides and immediate sensation of freshness. It is easy to apply, even on wet skin. It is suitable for use from age 3 and up and can be used on the face and body.

SVR products are stocked at Clicks stores nation-wide as well as at select doctors and beauty salons.

For more information about the brand and other products found in the Sun Secure range, visit